Colorado ‘Personhood’ Amendment Crushed At Polls

For the second time, voters in Colorado have soundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have outlawed all abortions, certain forms of birth control, stem-cell research and even some fertility treatments.

The amendment, had it been approved by voters, would have defined personhood as “the beginning of the biological development of that human being.”

Personhood USA, a new Religious Right group, was the driving force behind getting the measure onto Colorado’s November ballot. The group was founded by two fundamentalist pastors, Cal Zastrow and Keith Mason, who call themselves “missionaries to preborn children.”

To push their amendment, Personhood USA released a television ad prior to the election that portrayed President Barack Obama as an angel of death leading the nation to hell and working for the abortion industry, which it claims makes billions every year.

But despite the group’s attempts, Amendment 62 lost by a 3-to-1 margin, the same as the 2008 vote on a similar measure. Still, supporters of the proposal said they were victorious because they have “helped save babies’ lives” by raising awareness of their cause.

“We’re excited to try again next election,” Personhood Colorado spokeswoman Jennifer Mason told the Denver Post.