Calif. School Board Rejects ‘Under God’ Display

Trustees of a California school district have voted against placing the Pledge of Allegiance’s phrase, “one nation under God,” on their boardroom wall.

Board President Jim Lott told the Contra Costa Times that school officials should not entangle religion and government.

“I grew up as a kid from a religious background,” he said. “I do have faith, but I do not believe we should mix church and state. Our job is to educate students without any kind of indication of religion.”

Another board member, Ira Simonds, told the newspaper that if any line from the Pledge were to be used, it should be, “With liberty and justice for all.”

“To single out a phrase like that [one nation under God] may be giving an implication of favoring religion,” he said. “Our Constitution is very clear. It protects the right of religion and protects the right of not having a religion.”

The board’s Nov. 5 vote was 3-2. Those who supported placing the words in the boardroom said it would give students a sense of hope and was not preaching any religion.