On Oaths And Sacred Books

In your February issue, there are a couple of articles concerning U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison’s oath using the Quran instead of the Bible ("Rep. Ellison’s Oath On Jefferson’s Quran," Editorial, and "Muslim Congressman Takes Oath Of Office On Jefferson’s Quran," People & Events).

I can’t find anything to brag about in this use of another sacred book in swearing — whatever one is swearing — in government work.

I object to using anything religious in this swearing-in. I am for the separation of church and state and, personally, I would find it rather insulting that I should need to call on any god to certify me worthy. My good word should be sufficient.

I think it should be unworthy of a democracy to have to go through such an absurd, meaningless ceremony.

Sometimes I think your good work does not go deep enough.

—Jeanne Hsu
Mill Valley, Calif.