Matt Laclair: A+ Student

It was truly discouraging to read, in the March issue of Church & State, about the many efforts on the political scene to dragoon Americans toward the destruction of their own democracy by passing laws favoring religion — and a certain religion at that ("States Of Emergency" and "Confrontation In Congress").

But then it was wonderfully uplifting to read about the 16-year-old student, Matthew LaClair ("Classroom Culture War"). He demonstrated good sense and a constructive spirit of participation in democracy by exposing the illegitimate use of a public classroom by one of his high school teachers to promote the teacher’s religion and to derogate science.

My optimism is strengthened by Matthew LaClair’s actions and his sound attitudes. As long as America can produce young men and women like him who can think for themselves, who can appraise the framework of the culture in which they find themselves and who can do something about it when they find something amiss, we will remain the world-leading democracy that preserves the right to believe as they deem best by all persons.

—John T. Goldthwait
St. Augustine, Fla.