Prayer Services At Buffalo Public School Cancelled

Public school officials in Buffalo have ordered a principal to cancel her plans to begin daily prayer sessions.

On Feb. 20, Principal Ramona Thomas-Reynolds of West Hertel Academy sent a letter to parents stating that beginning March 1, "we will hold morning prayer/worship for any student, faculty, staff, parent or guardian who is interested," reported The Buffalo News.

Thomas-Reynolds' letter said the sessions would begin at 7:45 each day and would be open to anyone who wanted to take part. She did not check with her superiors before sending the letter. When school officials found out, they immediately cancelled the plan.

"She does a very good job at that school and is a very good principal," Superintendent Marion Canedo told the newspaper. "But like I often say, it's too bad we don't all have our doctorates in common sense."

Canedo directed Thomas-Reynolds to mail follow-up letters to parents explaining that the prayer sessions would not be held.