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Florida Subterfuge: Religious School Advocates Relying On Deception In Upcoming Referendum

Florida's upcoming vote on private school vouchers and other forms of aid to religion is starting to attract national attention – and early signs are that this is going to be a hard-fought battle.

The Washington Post ran a story on the fight today. Although several Florida newspapers have covered the issue in depth, this is the first piece I'm aware of that puts it in national context. Read more

Religious Reaction: Church Leaders Respond To Alliance Defense Fund's Call For Pulpit Politicking

A few days ago, the Alliance Defense Fund announced a plan to persuade clergy to defy federal tax law and preach about candidates from the pulpit the weekend of Sept. 27-28.

The ADF claims that religious leaders are being gagged because they can't tell their congregants which candidates to vote for or against. As we've pointed out before, there are a number of problems with this claim. For starters, many people sitting in the pews aren't interested in receiving this type of advice from pastors. They can decide for themselves whom to vote for, thank you very much. Read more

Mob Rule In School?: Louisiana Parish Lets Student Majority Decide On Prayers

Generally speaking, elections are good things. When you need a new mayor, member of Congress, senator, etc., a fair election is the best way to get one.

Making decisions by majority vote is often another nice feature of our political system. When the city council is trying to decide whether to repair sidewalks or replace street lights and doesn't have enough money to do both, a vote will settle the matter. Read more

Evangelical Angst: 'Moderate' Evangelicals Worry About The Movement's Image

How do you react when people tell you they're evangelicals?

Do you think that they simply want to share their faith – or do you start making assumptions about their political views?

A lot of Americans would say the latter. Over the years, evangelicalism has become so tied to right-wing politics that many people assume that anyone who lays claim to the term "evangelical" must be a theocracy-minded ultra-conservative Republican as well. Read more