You've Got (Hate) Mail!: The FRC's Tony Perkins Whips Out His Poison Pen About Obama's Election

Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council have a three-point action plan to save America from Barack Obama.

I have to tip my hat to Tony Perkins and the gang at the Family Research Council: Within a week of the election, they issued what I am sure will be first of many fund-raising letters attacking Barack Obama. That's fast turn around.

This mean-spirited missive arrived at my home on Monday. I was impressed. Many Americans were still celebrating the election of Barack Obama, and here's the FRC with its inaugural hate-gram. Nice work, guys.

"I realize some people might call me crazy for having hope after the disastrous election of the most left-wing president in American history," Perkins writes. "Yet there is ample reason for hope if we take a stand."

Yes, Tony, many people might call you crazy – and mean-spirited and just all-around nasty. I sure would. After all, I was at your "Values Voter Summit" in September and observed one man selling racist "Barack Obama waffle mix." Your FRC threw him out near the end of the event – but only after media reports about the waffle mix had embarrassed you.

At that same event, I listened to FRC supporters laugh while Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity made jokes about U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, who is gravely ill with a brain tumor, and I listened to speaker after speaker demonize Americans whose only crime is that they disagree with FRC on issues like legal abortion, gay rights and the role of religion in public schools and government.

Your organization does these vile things – yet believes it has the right to lecture the rest of us on "values"? Fat chance! In fact, after the Summit, I went home and told my two children, "I just spent two days with some very unpleasant people. Don't ever behave like them!"

Now Perkins and the FRC gang have outlined their plan for getting through the next four (or eight) years. They plan to "expose our liberal leaders' radicalism to America" and "short-circuit their agenda in Washington."

What agenda might that be? The idea that a sick person should be able to see a doctor? The insistence that the rich should pay their fair share of taxes? The notion that torture is an offense to our national values?

Perkins goes on to outline FRC's three-point action plan to save America. It consists of some palaver about rallying conservatives and moderates in the House of Representatives to block "dangerous" legislation and prodding this same alleged moderate faction in the Senate to prevent Obama's "extremist" Supreme Court nominees (who, by the way, don't exist yet).

Here's some news for you, Tony: There are precious few moderates for you to work with. Your people drove most of them out with your dogmatic views and insistence that any politician who does not agree with the FRC 100 percent of the time is evil. In light of the spanking that type of politics received on Nov. 4, I'm not sure you'll have many recruits for this effort. After all, it was your faction that foisted Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket this year, which, as you may have noticed, didn't work out so well. The few moderates left know what you're about and regard you as toxic.

My favorite part of Perkins' plan is his "National Firestorm of Truth." FRC will just have to expose the truth: that the candidates Americans voted for (often by huge margins) are really wild-eyed fanatics out to destroy religious freedom in America and usher in a Socialist utopia.

"When Americans perceive that the government is acting against their values, we will have strong leverage despite the Left's control of Congress," he blusters.

It really is going to be a long four to eight years, and I shudder at how much money Perkins and his pals will rake in issuing this type of junk on a regular basis. I wouldn't be surprised to learn they all secretly voted for Obama. It's better for fund-raising.

Perkins' putrid missive is making the rounds, so you might get a chance to read it. If so, take my advice and keep a bottle of Maalox handy.