The Envelope Please: Church & State Wins Kudos From Utne

Church & State has just received notification that it has won a major award from the magazine Utne (formerly Utne Reader ).

The editors of Utne awarded Church & State a "General Excellence Award" for best newsletter in its 2004 Independent Press Awards competition.

The awards are an annual event celebrating independent publishing. Speaking of its 2004 winners, Utne noted, "All are brimming with the creative energy and freedom of thought that make them this year's best of the independent press."

Singling out Church & State , the editors of Utne wrote, "In an era when the president believes God speaks to him directly, the Washington-based monthly newsletter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State has never been more apropos."

Church & State was nominated for the award by an anonymous reader. (Our thanks to whoever that was.) The publication received an award certification from Utne noting that of the 1,400 periodicals the magazine has surveyed over the years, the award winners "are the ones we've most enjoyed, argued over, taken home and read cover to cover. They have stirred, provoked, challenged and enlightened us - and sometimes simply brought us joy."

Founded in 1984, Utne reprints articles from independent journals and seeks to provide its readers with the best of the alternative media.

For more information, see Utne's complete list of winners.