December 2001 People & Events

Bush Pressures Senate To Take Action On 'Faith-Based Initiative' Seeking to spark action on his controversial "faith-based initiative," President George W. Bush in November wrote to Senate leaders, urging them to move forward on severa ... Read »

December 2001 AU Bulletin

House Of Representatives Votes In Favor Of School Prayer The U.S. House of Representatives voted Nov. 15 in favor of a resolution calling on public schools to set aside time for students to pray as a response to the war on terrorism. Americans United for ... Read »

Monumental Mistake

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Sparks Federal Lawsuit With Granite Ten Commandments In The State Judicial Building

To hear Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore tell it, Aug. 1, 2001, will be an important day in the history of church-state separation. "Today," said Moore, "a cry has gone out across our land for the acknowledgement of that God up ... Read »

Teaching Americans Accurate History Can Be A Real Trial

I have occasionally written about my "hate mail." I get both old-fashioned paper letters as well as the newer electronic type. The format is pretty familiar to me: Americans United is denounced for its views on school prayer/vouchers/displaying ... Read »

Rep. Istook: Still Mistook

Some people just don't get it. In light of the events of Sept. 11, it would seem obvious that the last thing this country needs is government-supported religion and official programs of coercive prayer in our public schools. Nevertheless, U.S. Rep. E ... Read »

Supreme Test

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Landmark Ohio Voucher Case Challenging Voucher Subsidies For Religious Schools

Cleveland mom Dorris Simmons-Harris didn't start out to make legal history. She was just looking for a fair shake for her son. The year was 1995, and Ohio legislators had just enacted a voucher bill aimed at Cleveland residents. The lawmakers talked ... Read »

Government Aid And Religious Schools

Government Aid And Religious Schools: 70 Years Of Controversy

The U.S. Supreme Court has been grappling with the issue of government aid to religious schools since 1930. The court's jurisprudence in this area has spawned a long line of decisions, but the rulings have not always been consistent. In some cases, a ... Read »

Playing By Different Rules

If The Supreme Court Upholds Vouchers, Taxpayers May Have To Fund Sectarian Schools That Practice Religious Discrimination, Teach Controversial Material And Shun Accountability

Sister M. Angela Shaughnessy knows religious schools play by different rules than those in the public school system. In a 1996 address to parochial school officials in New Orleans, the Roman Catholic nun talked about the freedoms afforded to private schoo ... Read »

No To School Vouchers

Don't Tax Americans To Pay For Religious Schools

The U.S. Department of Education has just released some interesting statistics about private education in America. Nearly half of all private school students in the United States are attending Roman Catholic schools. Thirty-six percent attend "other ... Read »

November 2001 People & Events

Religious Right Leaders Continue 'Blame America' Approach To Terror Attack TV preacher Pat Robertson and several other Religious Right leaders have continued to claim that the United States was subject to a terrorist attack on Sept. 11 because t ... Read »