Decalogue Divisiveness

When Government Officials Tabulate The Ten Commandments, They Count Some Religions Out

Judge Roy Moore, of Etowah County, Ala., is determined to keep the Ten Commandments hanging on his courtroom wall, and a lot of people are on his side. When the controversy over the judge's religious display erupted in 1997, backing for the Ten Comma ... Read »

Scholarship' Scam

Sometimes you have to look behind the facade. When CEO America was created back in 1994, the group was supposed to be a clearinghouse and funding source for private scholarship programs that help low-income children. Founded with $2 million from the Walto ... Read »

Rift On The Right

Right-Wing Strategist Paul Weyrich Says The Culture War Is Lost, But Dobson, Robertson And Other Religious Right Leaders Insist They've Just Begun To Fight

When Paul Weyrich met with Jerry Falwell in May 1979 to discuss ways to bring fundamentalist Christians into the political process, the two men had high hopes for the proposed venture. Weyrich, a veteran right-wing strategist and ultraconservative Eastern ... Read »

Taking Care Of Business

TV Preacher Pat Robertson's Wheeling And Dealing Spark Protests From Here To Scotland

As much as Pat Robertson enjoys quoting Scripture, he may want to pass over Matthew 19:24. "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle," says that verse, "than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Since the sale ... Read »

Reclaiming America For Christ?

Florida Televangelist D. James Kennedy Is Waging 'Spiritual War' Against Church-State Separation, Religious Pluralism And Individual Rights

Television preacher D. James Kennedy doesn't buy into the talk emanating from some circles in Washington these days that the Religious Right has lost the so-called "culture wars." In fact, as far as Kennedy is concerned, now is the time to ... Read »

D. James Kennedy

Who Is He And What Does He Want?

Although he's not nearly as well known as other religious broadcasters such as James Dobson and Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy is working to amass a Religious Right empire that could one day rival Focus on the Family or the Christian Broadcasting Ne ... Read »

Missionary Man

TV Preacher D. James Kennedy And His Allies Are Targeting Public School Children For Evangelism

Like many Religious Right figures, D. James Kennedy can't decide what to do about public education. On one hand, Kennedy has endorsed calls for fundamentalist Christians to remove their children from public schools. On the other, he and his followers ... Read »

Weyrich's World: Parallel Universe Or Twilight Zone

It sounds like a plot from a bad science fiction movie. America is taken over by a snarling band of evil aliens. Most people are turned into zombies, but a courageous handful of valiant souls tries to fight them off, all the while preserving some remnant ... Read »

Pat Robertson's Advice To Barry Lynn: Get A Life!

The truth must be told. I have to "get a life." I know this because Pat Robertson told me. Not only did he tell me, he told a large chunk of the Washington press corps at the same time. During a recent news conference announcing his plan to spen ... Read »

April 1999 AU Bulletin

Charitable Choice 'Avalanche' Moving In Congress Five separate bills with "charitable choice" provisions that entangle church and state are moving in Congress this session. "It's an avalanche," said Julie Segal, American ... Read »