Mercedes, TX

A high-school teacher displayed two items in his public-school classroom: a nativity scene and a doll of the Grinch. During class he pointed to the nativity and declared that it was for those who shared his Christian faith, and then pointed to the Grinch ... Read »

Louisville, KY

AU learned that the University of Louisville Hospital planned to participate in a merger with a Catholic hospital. This would have resulted in a public hospital being subject to religious rules and restrictions on reproductive healthcare followed by Catho ... Read »

San Antonio, TX

The City of San Antonio provided funds to a private contractor to create a tower to serve as a marker for the entrance of Texas A&M’s San Antonio campus, and Texas A&M agreed to allow its seal to be displayed on the tower. When built, the tower fe ... Read »

Houma, LA

AU received a complaint that the principal of an elementary school in Houma, Louisiana began an open-house event with prayer. The principal agreed to put a stop to the inclusion of prayers at future school events after AU sent a letter of complaint. Novem ... Read »

Binghamton, NY

Upon entering the Broome County Jail, visitors were confronted with a statue of Jesus Christ. AU wrote to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, which manages the Jail, and explained that it is unconstitutional for the government to erect such religious disp ... Read »

Flippin, AR

The Flippin School District required all middle- and high-school students to attend an assembly featuring a group of former athletes calling themselves Crossfire. The group described their personal salvation through Jesus Christ and invited the students t ... Read »

Warren County, KY

The Warren County Parks and Recreation Department had published a schedule of fees for the rental and use of park facilities. The fees were cheaper for churches than for everyone else. AU wrote to the Department to explain that it is a constitutional viol ... Read »