Failed Experiment

Despite Sketchy Schools And Disappointing Results, Washington, D.C.’s Private School Voucher Plan Continues To Stumble Along

As schools go, the Academia de la Recta Porta in Washington, D.C., doesn’t seem to offer much. Squeezed between grimy storefronts in a tumble-down area of northwest D.C. near the Maryland line, the school consists of just two classrooms. The school’s musi ... Read »

Bogus Battle

Religious Right Claims Of A ‘War On Christmas’ Are Thinner Than Cheap Wrapping Paper

Henry Ford, the famed industrialist and notorious anti-Semite, once pontificated that Jews were ruining Christmas. “The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas...shows the venom and directness of [their] attack,” Ford carped in an early 1920s w ... Read »

Access Denied

Prodded By Religious Right Extremists, State Officials Are Increasingly Decimating Reproductive Care Options For Women

On Oct. 22, Texas health investigators raided Planned Parenthood clinics across the state. Representatives of the Texas Office of the Inspector General demanded patient and billing records from clinics in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio and gave t ... Read »

AU in Action

Staff Members And Activists Support Church-State Separation

Americans United staff members and activists remain busy promoting separation of church and state in several venues. During an Americans United Board of Trustees meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 9, Bishop John Shelby Spong, a prominent American theologia ... Read »

Holy Hypocrites: The False Piety Of Public Prayer

by The Rev. Dr. Rollin O. Russell  Public prayers before meetings, ball games and assemblies are regarded by many Americans, including many Christians, as a routine part of the call to order: “OK, this is serious, let’s get down to business.” Not that big ... Read »

Science Lesson: Celebrating 10 Years Of The Dover Decision

On Dec. 20, 2005, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III of the Middle District of Pennsylvania handed down an important ruling in a case challenging the teaching of “intelligent design” creationism in public schools. In Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Dis ... Read »

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge To Vaccination Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a lawsuit raising a religious challenge to New York’s vaccination requirements for public school students. State law requires parents to vaccinate children before they can enroll them in public school. Religious ... Read »

Court Rules Boston Archdiocese May Close Church

Catholic officials have the right to close St. Frances X. Cabrini Church in Scituate, Mass., despite the objections of its parishioners, a court has ruled. A group of parishioners, who call themselves the Friends of St. Frances X. Cabrini, have maintained ... Read »

Wash. High School Coach Claims God Approves Prayers

A football coach at a Bremerton, Wash., high school is on paid leave after refusing to end his public post-game prayers. Joseph Kennedy has held the prayers on the 50-yard line since 2008 and claims he has “an agreement with God” to continue them. In Octo ... Read »