Colo. School Board Ends Voucher Program Challenged By AU

A Colorado school board in an affluent county near Denver on Dec. 4 agreed to end a private school voucher program that Americans Uni­ted has been challenging in court since 2011. The Douglas County School Board unanimously agreed not only to end the “Cho ... Read »

AU, Allies File Brief Challenging Cross In Fla. Public Park

Americans United on Nov. 22 was joined by 13 religious and civil-rights organizations in urging a federal appeals court to affirm that a towering cross in a Florida public park is unconstitutional. AU and allies filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the ... Read »

Johnson Amendment Repeal Not Included In Congress’ Tax Bill

Senate Democrats were able to block a provision in Congress’ tax overhaul bill that would have gutted the Johnson Amendment, which pro­tects the integrity of elections and of tax-exempt organizations, including houses of worship, by ensuring that nonprofi ... Read »

Pa. Woman Who Fears ‘Mark Of Devil’ Wins Case

A state court has ruled that a former public school bus driver in Pennsylvania who argued that her employer violated her religious freedom by terminating her after she refused to undergo a background check that includ­ed providing fingerprints can’t be de ... Read »