Religious Right Group Says Trump’s Behavior Is The Result Of ‘Progressive Culture’

By now, you’ve probably heard many of the silly excuses the Religious Right has made for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s serial misogyny.

Well,, a division of the American Family Association, has published a very funny opinion column recently that illustrates the Religious Right’s desperation to absolve Trump of blame. You see, his misbehavior is the fault of liberals who have promoted “progressive culture.”  

“Forgive me if what follows sounds a bit self-righteous. It’s not my intent to scold, but to build to a different point,” Rebecca Ryskind Teti, a guest columnist, began her argument.

Spoiler alert: Ryskind Teti comes off as self-righteous, racist and anti-choice. She claims Trump’s comments in the leaked tape describing his fondness for sexual assault are indefensible, yet she essentially defends them by making an argument like this: “X does X, but ‘the left’ still accepts them.” 

“Rap lyrics celebrate the assault of women all day long, and our pop stars twerk for the precise purpose of attracting lewd attention, and some of these artists are fêted at the White House and elsewhere as role models for young people,” Ryskind Teti wrote.

All rap celebrates sexual assault? That’s plain racial stereotyping and mostly false. Twerking (a dance move!) is as bad as describing sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because you’re famous?  That’s a bit of a reach, to say the least.

She then describes TV host Bill Maher as a “hero to the Left” and carps that progressives don’t object to the way he lives his life. Yet, Maher is not running for president, and he’s also an atheist who doesn’t pretend to model Christian values. (He also has plenty of critics on “the left” for some of his stands.) 

These guys are not responsible for Donald Trump’s behavior. 

Ryskind Teti continues her false equivalency parade by calling Bill Clinton (not Trump’s opponent) a sexual predator and Joe Biden (also not Trump’s opponent) “handsy” with women, but her further analysis of “progressive culture” was the icing on the cake. 

“The progressive culture advocates teaching kids to talk in vulgar ways about their sexuality from the time of kindergarten so they'll be sex-positive,” she wrote.

Teaching girls and women to be sex-positive, which advocates that women’s worth doesn’t decrease because of their sexual history, is demeaning? It’s often Religious Right culture that promotes the myth of purity as more worthy of respect. (And that is demeaning to our bodies). Also, I wonder what non-existent school has ever taught children to be vulgar in kindergarten.

“These people who celebrate porn and abortion and make heroic figures out of small-souled, sex-deluded creatures such as Bill Maher and Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluke and lionize sick predator men like the Kennedys and Bill Clinton are not merely being hypocrites or playing politics when they denounce Trump,” Ryskind Teti concluded.

Again, none of these people are running against Trump. None of them are backed by the Religious Right, nor do they pose as devout Christians to win votes. When people call out Religious Right figures for attacking liberal politicians for certain behaviors while excusing those same behaviors by conservatives, they are exposing a rich vein of hypocrisy. It’s a void in the Religious Right’s own values.

It’s worth noting that the American Family Association was very anti-Trump until it was clear he was going to secure the nomination. Now the group is making excuses for a guy it once attacked.  

It’s ironic. The Religious Right claims to champion personal responsibly. It’s hard to take that seriously when their leaders insist on blaming a grown man’s misbehavior not on himself but on political leaders, pop stars and actors who had nothing to do with it.