Nightmare On Theocracy Street: America Wants Randall Terry To Get Lost

He is an ardent theocrat, a foe of church-state separation and an all-around rotten guy.

He's baaaaack! Like Freddy Krueger in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, you just can't get rid of Randall Terry.

According to news accounts, Terry and 12 others were arrested yesterday outside the Democratic Convention in Denver. His press release in advance of the event said he and other "Catholic and Evangelical Christians will peacefully 'break the law' to protest the slaughter of the innocent by abortion, and to call on fellow Christians to reject the Obama/Biden 'Ticket of Death.'"

Some of you may remember Terry. He's the founder of the radical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, which terrorized clinics that provided reproductive health services during the late 1980s and early '90s. He is an ardent theocrat, a foe of church-state separation and an all-around rotten guy.

A Terry comment from 1993 encapsulates his "Christian" worldview.

"I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you," he said. "I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good.... Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this county. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism."

Besides fanaticism, Terry is perhaps best known for the wide array of people who have asked him to get lost.

In November 1998, Terry ran for Congress in New York's 26th congressional district. He took less than 7 percent of the vote (although he did secure a glowing endorsement from Religious Right honcho James Dobson, who said Terry is a "great friend of the family.")

New York voters to Terry: Get lost!

In November 1999, Landmark Church, a Binghamton, N.Y., congregation he attended for 15 years, censured Terry for allegedly abandoning his wife and children and engaging in "sinful" relationships with other women.

Pastor Daniel Little, in a letter explaining the censure, wrote, "Many of [Terry's] longtime friends...are shocked and bewildered that a man who has traveled the country pleading with Christian people to think and act biblically is now thinking and acting so anti-biblically." (In 2005 Terry converted to Catholicism.)

Fellow fundamentalist Christians to Terry: Get lost!

Amazingly, the maritally challenged Terry moved to Vermont where he launched a campaign against the legalization of same-sex unions! Marriage is sacred, you know!

In 2002, Terry moved to Nashville and tried to launch a country-and-western singing career. Nobody bought his records, and the project failed.

Music fans to Terry: Get lost!

In 2006, Terry ran unsuccessfully for the Florida legislature, losing two-to-one in the Republican primary to a candidate who was accused of frequenting strip clubs and taking donations from strip club owners.

Florida Republicans (and strip-club aficionados) to Terry: Get lost!

Randall, get a clue. Americans have rejected your message of extremism.

America to Randall Terry: Get lost already!