Today, Americans United and our allies are in court urging judges to once again rule that President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban should not go into effect.

Although two federal courts blocked the ban from going into effect in October, the Trump administration has asked the appeals courts to reverse the judges’ rulings. (On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed those October rulings while the appeals proceed through the court system, allowing the ban to go into effect, at least temporarily.)

As we’ve said since Trump first proposed banning Muslims two years ago when he was on the campaign trail, the Muslim ban is unconstitutional and un-American because it singles out people for disfavor solely because of their religion. And any threat to the religious freedom of one group endangers the religious freedom of all.

Religious freedom is about fairness. We don’t treat people differently based on their religious beliefs. And we certainly don’t ban people from our country due to their religion.

Every day that the Muslim ban is in place, families and loved ones are kept apart. That’s why AU, along with our allies at Muslim Advocates and the law firm Covington & Burling LLP, filed Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) v. Trump – the first lawsuit to challenge Muslim Ban 3.0. The plaintiffs in our case include IAAB, a nonprofit that serves the Iranian American diaspora community, and six individuals, all of whom are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents with relatives who are blocked from coming to the United States by Muslim Ban 3.0.

Muslim Mother Son Shore

Trump's Muslim ban is unconstitutional and un-American because it singles out people for disfavor solely because of their religion.

We’ll be in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia today to urge the court to again block the ban (you can watch the proceedings here). Two other cases challenging the ban are also before the court, and a similar case, Hawaii v. Trump, in which AU filed a friend-of-the-court brief, was argued before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

We hope that both appeals courts will come to the same conclusion they previously reached – the Muslim ban likely violates our laws and the Constitution and should not be allowed to stand.

“As long as the Muslim ban remains in place, our country is cruelly separating families and signaling to Muslims that they are second-class citizens unworthy of equal treatment under law,” said AU Legal Director Richard B. Katskee. “Religious freedom is about fairness and equality for people of all faiths. There is nothing fair or equal about banning Muslims from the United States. We urge the court to once again strike down President Trump’s unconstitutional, un-American Muslim ban.”

Americans United will continue to fight to ensure the religious freedom of Muslims and of all Americans.