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Pious Political Posturing Alert!: U.S. House Set To Vote On Bills Promoting Religion

Our nation has more than a few pressing problems.

The economy is in the tank, unemployment is unacceptably high and foreclosures are kicking many families into the street. The gap between the uber-wealthy and everybody else gets wider every day, and many people are worried about how we’ll pay for Social Security and Medicare as more baby boomers join the rolls.

So what’s on the agenda in the U.S. House of Representatives today?

You guessed it: two bills promoting religion on government property.

The Bishop’s Blunder: Let’s Keep Hitler Out Of The ‘School Choice’ Debate

Leaders of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Pennsylvania were pretty excited about the possibility of a private school voucher subsidy passing in the state. Gov. Tom Corbett was solidly behind the program, and it was assumed that an influx of conservative legislators in the state Senate and House of Representatives would back the scheme.

Ahlquist Is Awesome!: Standup Student In R.I. Stays Calm, Despite Vicious Attacks

It amazes me that so much hatred and anger lies just below the surface of many people, and that it takes so little to bring out vile words and actions. 

My colleague Rob Boston previously wrote about Jessica Ahlquist, a 16-year-old high school student who filed suit to have a prayer banner removed from Cranston High School West in Cranston, R.I.

Doubting Thomas: Prayer Breakfast Theocrats Try To Baptize Jefferson

The 60th annual National Prayer Breakfast will take place Feb. 2 here in Washington, D.C.

This event is privately sponsored by a shadowy fundamentalist Christian group called “The Family” (also known as the Fellowship Foundation). You might remember them from a few years ago, when a nasty sex scandal erupted over their infamous “C Street House” and the rowdy escapades of some of its residents.

Politics In The Pulpit: Did Obama Official Cross The Line In Atlanta?

Over the weekend, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett appeared in the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where she praised President Barack Obama’s policies and criticized the Republicans for not helping the middle class.

Several people have emailed Americans United about the speech, asserting that Ebenezer Baptist, which was Martin Luther King’s church, has violated federal law by intervening in politics.

Nothing To See Here: Religious Right Should Move On After Supreme Court Refuses To Hear School-Use Case

Even though the Supreme Court has declined to hear a case about churches using public schools for worship services, the Religious Right just can’t seem to move on.

Last year, the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals said a congregation, Bronx Household of Faith, could no longer use a New York City public school to hold worship services. The congregation of about 50 had been using a public school, rent free, for almost 10 years.

Banner Banished: Court Strikes Down R.I. School Prayer Display

In October, I wrote about a young high school student named Jessica Ahlquist who filed suit to have a school prayer banner removed from Cranston High School West in Cranston, R.I.

At the time, the federal judge hearing the case, Ronald R. Lagueux, visited the school to examine the banner. Some observers believed he would rule within a few days.