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Mob Rule In School?: Louisiana Parish Lets Student Majority Decide On Prayers

Generally speaking, elections are good things. When you need a new mayor, member of Congress, senator, etc., a fair election is the best way to get one.

Making decisions by majority vote is often another nice feature of our political system. When the city council is trying to decide whether to repair sidewalks or replace street lights and doesn't have enough money to do both, a vote will settle the matter. Read more

Evangelical Angst: 'Moderate' Evangelicals Worry About The Movement's Image

How do you react when people tell you they're evangelicals?

Do you think that they simply want to share their faith – or do you start making assumptions about their political views?

A lot of Americans would say the latter. Over the years, evangelicalism has become so tied to right-wing politics that many people assume that anyone who lays claim to the term "evangelical" must be a theocracy-minded ultra-conservative Republican as well. Read more

Bully Pulpit: President Bush Offers An Amen To The Dobsons' Dubious Agenda

It's no surprise that Religious Right leaders James and Shirley Dobson dropped by the White House this morning to join the National Day of Prayer (NDP) observance there. The Dobsons have been strong supporters of President George W. Bush, and Shirley heads the NDP Task Force, a private group that promotes fundamentalist Christian-oriented NDP events around the country. Read more

Crossing The Line: Religious Right Activists Plump For Politics In The Pulpit

The Family Research Council (FRC) has big plans for this election year – perhaps even legally questionable ones.

Kenyn Cureton, FRC's vice president for church ministries, appeared April 22 on Religious Right activist Janet Folger's "Faith2Action" radio program, discussing his organization's plans for mobilizing pastors this year. He may have been a little too frank. Read more