Hurricane Ernest And The Constitution

Hurricae Floyd had ot officially reached Washigto, D.C., that Wedesday i September, but it was certaily raiig o Rep. Erest Istook's parade. More precisely, it raied o his reitroductio of the iaccurately labeled "Religious Freedom Amedmet." ... Read »

October 1999 AU Bulletin

Istook Amendment Reintroduced In House As Church & State was going to press, Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK) reintroduced a constitutional amendment to effectively erase church-state separation from the Constitution. At a rally at the Bible Way Church near ... Read »

Church, State And Science Instruction

Why Kansas Flunked

If for no other reason, Religious Right activists deserve credit for being clever in their attacks on public school instruction about evolution. Recognizing what is permissible under current law, creationists continue to find new approaches to undermine t ... Read »

Eyes Wide Shut

Federal Judge Finds Pattern Of Christian Coalition Politicking For Republican Candidates, But Lets Robertson Group Slip Through Legal Loopholes In FEC Case

As 1990 drew to a close, TV preacher and Christian Coalition President Pat Robertson trekked to the White House for the first of what would turn out to be several meetings with President George Bush and his top advisors. Although the next presidential ele ... Read »

The Helms Witch Hunt Project

Jesse Helms, Right-Wing Senators Seek Criminal Investigation Of Americans United For Opposing Church-Based Partisan Politicking

Is Americans United Executive Director Barry Lynn headed for prison? If six U.S. senators have their way, he will be. On July 2, Sens. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), Paul Coverdell (R-Ga.), Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), Don Nickles (R-Okla.) and ... Read »

Bonds Undone

Virginia Court Blocks $55-Million Government Bond Issue For Pat Robertson's Regent University

To Richmond, Va., Circuit Judge Randall G. Johnson, the facts are abundantly clear. Regent University is a religious school where one variant of Christianity fills the atmosphere. As such, government help to the university would violate the separation of ... Read »

Christian Coalition Voter Guides And Churches

Still A Bad Combination

U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green's recent decision dismissing most of the charges in the Federal Election Commission's lawsuit against the Christian Coalition is disappointing, but it's important to keep the ruling in perspective. This ... Read »

Investigating AU

Sen. Helms' Unfair Witch Hunt Project

When a member of the United States Senate wants the Justice Department to investigate you, there are apparently two things he doesn't need to provide: persuasive evidence that you have done something wrong and notification to you. I was more than a b ... Read »

September 1999 AU Bulletin

Religious Liberty Bill Passes House Of Representatives The Religious Liberty Protection Act (RLPA) passed the U.S. House of Representatives July 15, enjoying broad bipartisan support in a 306-118 victory. Sponsored by Rep. Charles Canady (R-Fla.), RLPA is ... Read »

September 1999 People & Events

Religious Right Chafes Under GOP's Push Toward Bush Conventional wisdom holds that Texas Gov. George W. Bush is a shoo-in for the Republican Party presidential nomination in the year 2000, but if some Religious Right leaders have their way, Bush may ... Read »