Excited to Lead the AU Field Team!

My name is Erin Taylor, and I want to formally introduce myself as the new Field Director at AU. Since I started work in late January, it’s been a very busy and productive time (even with the snow storm interruption last week), and I am just now getting my feet under me and starting to move ahead.  I’m very excited to be working at AU.

You can visit my staff page to read more about my background.  Most recently I worked at a grassroots consulting firm where I advised multiple non-profit, association, foundation, and political clients on how to get people engaged and keep them engaged over time.  In past years, I have worked on multiple issue campaigns including on those issues of concern to AU.  In fact, during graduate school, I was a staff member at the Texas Freedom Network when it first came to fruition and I wrote my graduate thesis on the Christian Coalition’s illegal foray into politics (even citing some of Rob Boston’s books).

Since beginning this new job, the AU Field Department has posted for the job opening of a Faith Outreach Specialist, hired a new Faith Outreach contractor to help us with Project Fair Play, planned a trip to North Carolina in a few weeks to assist the Orange-Durham Chapter with a strategic session to fight vouchers, scheduled a meeting with the National Leadership Council Chair early next month, and set a date to speak to the Delaware Valley Chapter in April. 

I’m excited to be here and am really looking forward to our work together in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for changes to the AU website and an ear to the ground for events happening in your state. I hope to meet many of you out in the field this year!