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No, Martin Luther King Would Not Have Agreed With The Religious Right

Today marks the federal observance of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. Since his tragic assassination on April 4, 1968, King's memory has been pressed into service in highly unusual ways that King himself would not have supported.

As the nation pauses to remember the civil rights leader this year, it's a good time to take a look at what this great American figure thought about church-state issues.

Once Again The President Said Something Outrageous, And Once Again His Religious Right Allies Don’t Seem To Care

Washington Post religion writer Michelle Boorstein has been trying to reach members of President Donald Trump’s evangelical council to see if they have anything to say about his latest crude outburst. So far, it has been crickets. I suspect that’s all Boorstein will get.

Join Us And Resolve To Get To Know Your Neighbor

There’s no doubt that religious freedom was under attack in 2017 and religious minorities especially faced many threats to their religious freedom. That’s why in 2018, Americans United has partnered with allies to resolve to get to know our neighbors in the Know Your Neighbor New Year’s resolution campaign. We’re inviting you to join us. 

State Legislatures Are Ready To Go, And So Are We! (And You Can Be, Too)

It’s January, and that means state legislatures around the country are coming back in session. As of today, legislatures in 27 states and two territories have gaveled in. Another six start tomorrow. We’ll be working to defend religious freedom in each one of them.

In fact, just a few days into January, we are already monitoring more than 160 bills that would affect religious freedom. These bills would create private school voucher programs, allow people and organizations to use religion to discriminate and unconstitutionally allow religion in public school curricula.

The Trump Administration Is Claiming To Care About Iranians They Don’t Deem Worthy Of Entering The Country

For days, Iranians have been protesting in large numbers against a variety of oppressive economic, social and religious policies – marking the largest protests in the country since the Green Movement in 2009. This has sparked hypocritical response from the far-right, President Donald J. Trump and his administration.