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Anti-Evolution Stickers Come Unglued In Cobb County, Ga.

A federal court in Georgia today struck down a policy in Cobb County public schools that required pasting a sticker critical of evolution in biology textbooks.

The court held that the anti-evolution disclaimer was clearly adopted after a pressure campaign mounted by fundamentalists who oppose the teaching of evolution.

Holiday Humbug: 'Christmas Carol' Wasn't Banned By School

Fueled by shoddy reporting and right-wing bombast, the myth that Christmas is being banned spread across America in December.

As noted by Media Matters for America, newspaper columnists, right-wing shouting heads and TV preachers spent much of the month fulminating about supposed attempts by groups, such as Americans United and the ACLU, to kick God out of the public square or to "take Christ out of Christmas."

The Envelope Please: Church & State Wins Kudos From Utne

Church & State has just received notification that it has won a major award from the magazine Utne (formerly Utne Reader ).

The editors of Utne awarded Church & State a "General Excellence Award" for best newsletter in its 2004 Independent Press Awards competition.

The awards are an annual event celebrating independent publishing. Speaking of its 2004 winners, Utne noted, "All are brimming with the creative energy and freedom of thought that make them this year's best of the independent press."

Did Scalia Skip History Class?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has long distinguished himself as an opponent of church-state separation. Now, however, more than merely taking a stand against core First Amendment principles, Scalia has decided to turn history on its head.

Iraq's 'Religious Right' Turns Out The Vote

In the 2004 elections, Religious Right leaders here in America campaigned feverishly for candidates and causes that reflected their religious agenda. Now it seems that their example is being followed in Iraq.

Just as James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and their ilk tried to encourage churches to get involved in partisan politicking, Islamic Shiite leaders in Iraq are not only endorsing candidates, they are helping to choose a slate to promote in their mosques.

When In Rome: How Cooperation Between Religion And Government In Italy Is Slowly Strangling Faith

Italy has a long Catholic tradition, and today the vast majority of Italians retain at least a nominal allegiance to the church.

But a funny thing has happened along the way: Despite centuries of cooperation between church and state, relatively few Italians today bother to follow church teachings, and the nation has many secular overtones. Although more than 95 percent of Italians say they are Catholic, only about 30 percent attend weekly services (as Catholicism requires), a figure that has plummeted since the 1950s.