Merrill Shapiro

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Rabbi Merrill Shapiro is the immediate Past President of the National Board of Trustees of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and has served as President of  the Richmond, Virginia AU chapter.  He is one of several Plaintiffs in the case of Joanne McCall, et al., vs. Rick Scott, as Governor, et al., - Challenge to the Private School Voucher Program, specifically, Florida’s Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship scheme.

Shapiro studied Electrical Engineering at Cornell University and New Jersey Institute of Technology, Jewish Studies and Education at Ohio State University, served as a Graduate Research Assistant at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was an Instructor of Jewish History at the University of North Florida.  He and his wife Robyn live in Palm Coast, Florida and have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Merrill is well-versed in church-state separation matters, and can speak to the following issues:

Discrimination and Religious Refusals
Marriage and Reproductive Rights
Religion in Public Schools
Government Subsidies of Religion
Churches and Politics
School Vouchers
Official Prayer and Religious Displays
Nominations and the Judiciary
Foundations of Church-State Separation
Opposing the Religious Right

Merrill requires at least 3 weeks' notice to arrange for travel.