Toni Van Pelt

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Toni Van Pelt is co-founder, president and Congressional lobbyist for the Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV). She launched and directed one of the first public policy offices of the secular humanist movement in Washington DC, focusing on the importance of science, the use of empirical evidence as the basis for public policy, separation of church and state, secularism, and women's and LGBTQI rights. She regularly presents on a variety of issues including proposed federal legislation and regulations, human rights, how to effectively participate in federal and state government, how to lobby legislative bodies and on the United Nations Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  As a secular humanist and feminist activist, she serves on the board of the Institute for Humanist Studies and on many of the boards and committees of the National Organization for Women.

She is available throughout the country for speaking events.

Toni is well versed in church-state topics and can speak to a number of our issues including:

Discrimination and Religious Refusals
Marriage and Reproductive Rights
School Vouchers
Nominations and the Judiciary
Opposing the Religious Right

Toni requires basic travel expenses and suggests a flexible $400 speakers fee.