Jeffrey Selman

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Jeffrey Selman was the Lead plaintiff in the Cobb County evolution disclaimer textbook suit, and a co-plaintiff in the Cobb County Commission sectarian invocation suit. He is currently the Atlanta Regional Chapter President of Americans United.

Hoping to inspire other citizens to stand up for the separation of church & state and valid science education and against theocracy, he published, in 2015, an autobiographical account of his journey, "God Sent Me: a Textbook case on Evolution vs. Creation."

Jeffrey was born in the Bronx, NY. He Earned a BA in History with a minor in Psychology from Lehman College. After graduation he worked for the US government in the "War on Poverty" with the Navajo as a “Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA now AmeriCorps)”. He taught elementary school in New York City for eight years both in mainstream and special education environments, as well as two years of history in NYC High Schools.

Jeffrey’s career has also consisted of IT consulting, recruiting & management.  In 1996, in response to threats to the separation of church and state in the Georgia Public School System, Jeffrey served as a member of the Georgia State Public School Curriculum Committee.  

Jeffrey also is one of the original founders of the Rainforest Alliance out of NYC, a former President of the Vegetarian Society of Georgia, and a former Advisory Board member of Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science Education (GCISE).

TV & Radio interviews with Jeffrey can be found on his website:

Jeffrey is well-versed in church-state separation matters, and can speak to the following issues:

Protecting freedom of thought and belief
Public school science education
Government sponsored prayer
Citizen activism in defense of liberty
Engaging the media in defending church/state separation
Other topics as they might arise

Jeffrey is available to speak in all 50 states – Travel and Lodging expenses only