David Furlow

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David Furlow is an attorney who has won important First Amendment victories in Texas federal and state courts involving freedom of speech, homeowners' right to display political candidate and political issue signs in their front yards, citizens' rights to receive information about bail and jail from attorneys and bondsmen, charter-amendment petitioning and election rights, and the right to bring information about candidates and issues into voting booths. For the past five years David has served as the Executive Editor of THE TEXAS SUPREME COURT HISTORICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL and as a trustee and fellow. See http://texascourthistory.org/Newsletters.aspx?CategoryID=1&PageID=181&DocumentID=29.  During this time David has researched, written about, spoken about and published about First Amendment protections for freedom of speech, press, petitioning, and religion, including the history of church/state separation in America and in Texas and the history of federal and Texas school prayer legislation and litigation from colonial times to the present. David has served as a script consultant and on-screen interviewee/expert in two History Channel documentaries (in 2006 and 2016) about wars that resulted, in part, from governmental interference with religious institutions and practices.

David is well-versed in church-state separation matters, and can speak to the following issues:

Religion in Public Schools
Government Subsidies of Religion
Churches and Politics
Official Prayer and Religious Displays
Foundations of Church-State Separation
Opposing the Religious Right