Beth Corbin

Beth Corbin brings more than 20 years experience to her role as national field director at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  AU’s field department oversees the activities of the organizations activist network that includes nearly 70 chapters nationwide, a youth and campus outreach program, a secular outreach program and outreach to faith communities.
She regularly travels around the country speaking on behalf of AU before a variety of audiences.  Since joining AU in 1998, Beth has helped build an online network that reaches hundreds of thousands of people via email, social networking sites, and through the blogosphere.
Before joining Americans United, Beth was best known for her years of work at the National Organization for Women, in Washington, DC.  Beth worked as a field organizer and managing editor of the National NOW Times.  She has a strong passion for reproductive rights and women’s rights, having joined NOW following the Webster U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Beth graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors degree in communications. Before moving to Washington, DC, Beth owned a successful advertising agency in Southwest Florida. She has worked in both radio and television in Florida and in her home state of Indiana.