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Obama Seeks To End Federal Funding For ‘Abstinence-Only’ Programs

For the third time President Bar­ack Obama has put forth a proposed budget that slashes government funding for abstinence-only education programs.

Obama’s 2016-2017 budget, which was released in February, deleted $10 million for the programs. The abstinence-only approach is favored by the Religious Right, although polls show that most Americans favor comprehensive sex education. Given the far right’s support for such programs, Obama’s earlier attempts to cut their funding have failed, and the money was restored by congressional conservatives.

‘Chastity’ Expert Invited To Speak To Students In El Paso Public Schools

A self-appointed “chastity” expert who works for a traditionalist Cath­olic ministry was invited to speak in two El Paso, Texas, high schools last month.

Jason Evert runs an outfit called Chastity Project, which seeks to convince women not to use birth-control pills. The group also takes anti-gay stands and makes claims that are at best medically inaccurate. One video on Evert’s website makes a scientifically disproven claim that birth control pills cause abortions.

Sex (Mis)Education: ‘Abstinence-Only’ Programs Still Fail Public School Students

John Oliver is a comedian; his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, is satirical. But this week’s episode highlighted a real problem: Flawed sex education in public schools.

“There is no required standard for sex ed in this country,” Oliver pointed out. “In fact, only 22 states mandate that kids receive it, and only 13 require that the information presented be medically accurate.”

It’s a sorry state of affairs – “a weird patchwork system,” to quote Oliver – and it exists largely because of the Religious Right.

Ignorance Is Bliss?: Del. Pastor Proposes Excluding LGBT Definitions From Textbooks

Delaware’s Indian River School District (IRSD) is prepared to vote on new health textbooks this month. And if board member Shaun Fink gets his way, the books will exclude any mention of LGBT individuals. He’s also proposed excluding lessons on HIV/AIDS and contraception in favor of promoting an abstinence-only approach to sex education.

Religious Right Groups Ramp Up War On School Sex Education

Once again, the beginning of a new school year brings renewed debate over approaches to sex education in public schools.

In Arizona, for example, officials in the Tempe Union High School District have attempted to insert dogmatic views into a sex-education course to be launched this fall.

Improper Influence: NYC Public Schools Bow To Church Rules On Sex Ed

New York state law mandates that public school students receive sex education and instruction about HIV/AIDS. But some students in New York City can’t get that vital information in their classrooms and have to go elsewhere for it.

Why is this so? It turns out that in the Big Apple, some public schools are operating in buildings owned by the Catholic Church. And the church hierarchy won’t allow this instruction on site.

Troup, TX

AU received a complaint that a public high school in Texas was promoting (and effectively planning to operate) a Christian abstinence-only education program at two local churches. The seven-week course, entitled “True Love Waits,” requires students to commit to God and pledge sexual purity until they enter a Bible-based marriage.

Chinese Puzzle: Focus On The Family Brings ‘Abstinence-Only’ Education To The World’s Most Populous Country

While researching my book Close Encounters with the Religious Right in 1999, I visited the headquarters of Focus on the Family (FOF) in Colorado Springs.

During the tour, the guide showed us a large map of the world covered with lights. Each light represented a city where FOF broadcasts were heard over the radio.

Abstaining From Common Sense: The Sorry State Of Sex (Mis)Education in Texas

Whenever people ask me for a concrete example of how the Religious Right has affected public policy, I point to the spread of "abstinence-only" sex education. Thanks to pressure from Protestant fundamentalist and traditionalist Roman Catholic groups, federal tax money funds only these programs.

This is the case even though polls show most Americans support comprehensive sex education for young people – programs that stress the value of abstinence but also talk frankly and accurately about ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.