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The late D. James Kennedy was a Presbyterian minister whose Coral Ridge Ministries railed against evolution, gay people, public education and feminism. The ministry also distributed material claiming that the United States was founded to be a "Christian nation."

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Church & State
April 2007 Church & State

Religious Right, Still Wrong

At the ‘Reclaiming America For Christ’ Conference, Appeals For Piety And Revival Were Sometimes Drowned Out By Harsh Talk

January 2004 Church & State

Onward, Christian Soldiers

TV Preacher D. James Kennedy And His Religious Cohorts Want To 'Reclaim America For Christ' And The GOP

May 2001 Church & State

Donald Wildmon

Donald Wildmon: Watching Too Much TV?

April 1999 Church & State

Reclaiming America For Christ?

Florida Televangelist D. James Kennedy Is Waging 'Spiritual War' Against Church-State Separation, Religious Pluralism And Individual Rights