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Tuition tax credits and deductions are efforts to fund religious education by manipulating the tax code. While they may be a less direct form of aid than voucher plans, credits and deductions have same result: Taxpayers are forced to support the propagation of religion, and money that should be directed to the public schools is siphoned off for religious education. People have the right to send their children to religious schools, but they should not expect help from the taxpayer to do this.

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October 2014 Church & State

Florida Fiasco

Advocates Of Church-State Separation And Public Education Go To Court - Again - To Block Tax Aid To Religious Schools

June 2014 Church & State

You're Fired!

Religious Schools Demand The Right To Dismiss Teachers For 'Moral' Offenses - Even When They're Funded By Taxpayers

February 2014 Church & State

States Of Confusion

Across The Country, Legislators Are Preposing Bills That Would Violate Separation Of Church And State