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Americans have the right to decide how best to run their lives. People should not be forced to live under someone else’s religious dogma. Religious groups sometimes attempt to intervene in personal matters best left to the individual. This section examines some of these controversies.

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February 2016 Church & State

In The Crosshairs

Having Lost The Battle Over Marriage Equality, The Religious Rights Aims Its Sights At The Transgender Community

September 2015 Church & State

Protecting Thy Neighbor

New Americans United Project Aims To Reclaim Religious Liberty From Zealots Of The Religious Right

June 2015 Church & State

Left Behind

The Growing Battle Over Religious 'Refusals'—And How Americans United Plans To Respond

April 2014 Church & State

Exile On Main Street

If The Religious Right Has Its Way, Your Rights May Depend On A Stranger's Theology