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Religious groups should pay for the construction, repair and upkeep of their own facilities. Taxing someone to pay for church construction is the equivalent of leveling a religion tax. Houses of worship that fall into disrepair should look to their own members, not the taxpayers, for support.

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September 2016 Church & State

Massachusetts Mistake

Americans United Challenges Compelled Taxpayer Support For Houses Of Worship In The Bay State

March 2016 Church & State

Shredding The First Amendment?

Religious Right Groups Hope A Dispute Over Recycled Tires In Missouri Will Blow A Hole In The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

May 2015 Church & State

Time For An Intervention

Americans United's Legal Team Steps Up To Oppose Ky. Creationist Ministry's Effort To Raid The Public Purse

February 2015 Church & State

Subsidies Sunk

Ky. Officials Decide To Reject $18 Million In Taxpayer Support For Fundamentalist-Themed 'Ark-Park'

October 2014 Church & State

Rough Sailing

In Kentucky, A Creationist Theme Park Stays Afloat On A Sea Of Taxpayer Support