The First Temptation Of The Book Banners: Censorship

Rob Boston Wall of Separation Sunday marks the beginning of Banned Books Week, an annual event sponsored by the American Library Association and other groups that support the freedom to read, explore ideas and learn. Not everyone is for that. Religious Ri ... Read »

Minnesota Not-So-Nice: Restaurant Owner Says Muslims Get Out

Rokia Hassanein Wall of Separation A Minnesota restaurant owner responded to a tragic stabbing at a shopping mall in St. Cloud in an unfortunate manner. After the revelations that the perpetrator was Muslim, he decided to put a “Muslims Get Out” sign outs ... Read »

Fundamentalist Christian Supports Religious Freedom For Muslims

Simon Brown Wall of Separation Thanks to recent events both abroad and here in the United States, many Americans are wary of Islam. As a result, innocent Muslims throughout the United States are facing restrictions on their religious freedom – particularl ... Read »

Triad Chapter Meeting with guest speaker Elizabeth Freeze

September 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm Health care should be accessible, affordable, sustainable and medically reliable. Since 1942 Planned Parenthood has provided a specialty health care service for women that has met the expectations we have for quality health c ... Read »

Coercive Municipal Prayer Upheld In North Carolina – For Now

Andrew Nellis Wall of Separation Yesterday, a federal court of appeals released a troubling decision in which the judges ruled, by a vote of 2-1, that a controversial government-prayer practice can continue. In Rowan County, N.C., (not to be confused with ... Read »

Actually, It’s All Right To Argue With Street Preachers

Rob Boston Wall of Separation When I was a college student many years ago, we could look forward to an annual spring ritual: an itinerant evangelical preacher would appear on campus, set up base in an open area near the library and cut loose with some hel ... Read »

Federal Court Denies Public School Coach’s Request To Pray With Students

Bremerton High School Assistant Football Coach Joe Kennedy Loses Round In Court

Bremerton High School Assistant Football Coach Joe Kennedy Loses Round In Court A federal court today rejected a motion by a public high school football coach in Bremerton, Wash., who sought the right to pray with students after games. Joe Kennedy, an ass ... Read »

Summer's Must-Have Accessory: Pocket Constitutions

Amrita Singh Wall of Separation Every summer, I have the pleasure of attending the National Conference of State Legislatures annual conference. I am AU’s State Legislative Counsel and this conference, the biggest gathering of state legislators and staff i ... Read »