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Election Reflection: It’s Good That Church-State Wall Bashers Lost – But Let’s Not Get Complacent

The British must find American politics endlessly amusing. We have a tendency to tolerate (and often elect) candidates whom I suspect would quickly be relegated to the fringes of obscurity in Europe.

Consider Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware. Have we ever had a candidate before who had to make a special TV ad to explain that she’s not a witch?

Rochester AU Chapter Hosts Rob Boston

Rob Boston, the Senior Policy Analyst for Americans United for Separation of Church and State in Washington, DC, will be in Rochester Wednesday, November 17, at the First Unitarian Church, 220 Winton Road South, Rochester 14610.  Boston will speak about "Church-State Separation: Where We Stand Now." The event takes place at 7:15 PM.

Delaware Valley Chapter Activist Training

The Delaware Valley Chapter's South Jersey meeting will focus on activism in defence of church-state separation. DVAU Founder and VP Janice Rael will lead a discussion and workshop on "Doing More With DVAU," explaining AU's core issues, and showing South Jersey members who wish to volunteer for DVAU how to be more effective grassroots lobbyists on church-state issues at the local level. Janice is a knowledgeable social activist with years of experience.

Flag Football: Religious Right Sneak Play Would Keep Christian Banner Flying

As usual, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is advancing a scheme to skirt the Constitution.

Lawyers at the Religious Right legal outfit have come to the aid of city officials in King, N.C., eager to provide advice on a new policy regarding religious flags at the community veterans memorial.

Rochester AU hosts Rob Boston

The Rochester Chapter of Americans United is bringing Rob Boston to town. Boston, the Senior Policy Analyst for Americans United for Separation of Church and State in Washington, DC, will speak about "Church-State Separation: Where We Stand Now."

Resolution Revolution?: House GOP Leader Proposes Dropping Symbolic Statements

Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives in January. Now comes the hard part: figuring out how to govern.

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), whom everybody acknowledges will be the next House majority leader, has issued a list of 22 proposals he would like to see enacted. Some of them are legislative in nature (such as repealing the health-care bill) and others concern the internal workings of the House.

Voucher Revival?: ‘School Choice’ Proponents Are Targeting New Congress

The polls have been closed for less than 48 hours, and proponents of religious school voucher subsidies are already on the march.

D.C. Parents for School Choice issued a statement yesterday claiming that Tuesday’s election results will increase the chances of continuing a District of Columbia program that funnels federal taxpayer dollars to religious education.

Mid-Term Election Ballot Initiatives

By Nate Hennagin

Yesterday was a historic election that led to a Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives and gains in the U.S. Senate. Even though most of the talk seems focused on the outcomes of the House, Senate, and gubernatorial races, we’d like to look at two ballot initiatives of relevance to church-state separation.

Tax Credit Tangle: Supreme Court Considers Legality Of Ariz. Religious School Aid

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this morning in an important case dealing with government aid to religion.

Two issues are at stake in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn. The high court will decide whether an Arizona program that gives taxpayers a 100 percent credit for money they donate to private organizations that provide private school vouchers is constitutional.

The justices will also determine whether taxpayers have the right to challenge the program – a legal doctrine known as “standing.”

Arkansas Presents "The Lord Was Not on Trial"

As annual chapter meetings go, this is one not to be missed!  James T. McCollum, the student at the center of the landmark "McCollum Decision" by the US Supreme Court in 1948 (33 US 203), is the featured speaker.  A new book recalling events surrounding this historic event was recently published by Jim's brother, Dannel McCollum, titled "The Lord Was Not on Trial."